An Organic Workflow

The path we follow is always changing and evolving throughout each project. We believe trying new things along the way leads to unexpectedly awesome results.

How We Do It


Collaboration is by far the most critical element of Modal's creative process. We don't get things done working alone. Communication with our partners is vital to our success.


Having an open mind and relaxed attitude is key for discovering an innovative idea. Good thing we have both of those.


The concept is our road map to success. All decisions point back to it. At this time we come up with our approach, and if it doesn't work then we keep working until it does.


Testing is important, as it greatly decreases stress levels across the board. We like to mock things up as far as we can before showing up. Our work works.


Once the stars have aligned it's time to execute. We work hard to fabricate and install our work in a speedy, but precise manner. The overall success of the project is taken into consideration every step of the way while we work.

Concept to Reality

We can talk all about our process and how great it is, but our past projects do a better job at that.

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We are creative, production, and technology experts. Our capabilities extend beyond conventions and we're always expanding them.

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